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President and Representative Director

Kouta Morino

Kouta Morino
Fostering brave people in the business world that rise in crisis

FRich Quest is named after the Dragon Quest series of video games, embodying my idea that business is serious play. Today, the world is in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this time of crisis, brave people are needed and I think that they will surely emerge. I, myself, launched a business inspired by the Great East Japan Earthquake. I expect a greater change than the one that occurred at that time to come. It is a crisis and also an opportunity. After the pandemic, businesses resilient to change will survive. We are in an era in which leaders' qualities are more severely tested. We aspire to foster brave entrepreneurs that will save the world in crisis.

Year of Birth
Kanagawa Prefecture
FRich Quest Co., Ltd.
3F M&E Square Building, 3-2-4 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Type of business
Consulting services
Through numbers and education, develop into the business with the largest annual revenue in Japan

Our core business is consulting. We engage mainly in financial consulting services that also promote overseas hedge funds. For example, we promote overseas institutional foreign exchange investors thinking of entering the Japanese market to Japanese businesses and individuals. We deal mainly with promotion and matchmaking and we do not go any further. We just enable conversation and transactions between them. In recent years, we have been promoting our own products as well. We produce and advertise the ideas that we find to be good, whether they are tangible or not. The other day, we set up a real estate company. It is an example of our thinking that, if we think that something is the best, we will proactively promote it.

I do not think that it is appropriate if our proceeds are too high or too low. I think it is fair if our commission is 25% to 33%. I feel uncomfortable when profit rate is too high for whatever the business is. We must not earn more than our customers do. On the other hand, customers will be concerned if we earn too little money from them. I believe that one third is a level of profit that makes both customers and us happy.

In running business like this, I place the greatest emphasis on education. No sound education means no success. The definition of success varies among individuals. I personally think that annual sales of 10 billion yen can be a criterion for success.
Several days ago, I interviewed someone thinking of starting a business. He said he was aiming to achieve annual sales of 1 billion yen. However, annual sales of 1 billion yen mean an annual income of tens of millions of yen. That amount could be earned by the heads of departments in listed companies. His ambition sounds too small to start up a business. I talk about money with people like him and give them an awareness of their ability to earn up to a specific level, and that they must have higher aspirations. This is education for entrepreneurs. The numbers are the most important when discussing a corporate vision. I always refer to the numbers when educating.

Giving guidance and education makes leaders

My own goal is to create 30,000 companies with annual sales of around 10 billion yen each.
It may sounds like a dream that is too big to achieve. However, large companies in Japan each have thousands of group companies. If it is possible to acquire a whole corporate group, my goal will be quickly met. I do not think it is definitely out of reach. Also in the context of corporate acquisitions, I place the greatest emphasis on education. Group enlargement must essentially accompany the mindset of education. I aim for expansion with a focus on process, instead of seeking results only.

While group enlargement is important, I also attach importance to staff pay. I am eager to develop my company so that it becomes first in Japan in terms of average annual income.
While Japanese top executives earn around 25 million yen, average annual income in the Beverly Hills district is said to exceed 300 million yen. I would like to promise high pay like that and to provide the different kinds of freedom that can be enjoyed with a high salary.
However, only to employees who display great performance. I hope that employees can be independent adults with a sense of responsibility. My company has a program providing opportunities to leave the company every three months to encourage their independence. I interview every single employee to decide if his or her employment will be continued. Some may think that the three-month cycle is too short. I have heard that it takes about eight months from decision to execution for a dismissal at ordinary companies. The period in between is nothing but a waste to businesses. In addition, dismissal is an energy consuming process. Thus, it is better to systematize it. It keeps employees tense, accelerates their growth and develops their strong-mindedness. I think that this system works very well.

Giving guidance and education develops us into leaders. This is true of all the seven members of the management team, including me. We can learn by teaching others. It is the best way to gain knowledge. In my company's office, a precept I have written is displayed. It is our code of conduct. It is the supreme rules and the framework of the company. I will follow these action rules and continuously contribute to society as a leader.

Kouta Morino
Kouta Morino

*Information accurate as of time of publication.

FRich Quest Co., Ltd.

President and Representative Director
Kouta Morino