Takaaki Muro

takaaki muro
Conquer endless challenges in the field of cosmetic surgery with a global perspective

I’d like to say that I have helped make regenerative medicine and anti-aging a part of the daily lives of people, and so the prejudice towards cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery, which I specialize in, has lessened. However, there are still a lot of people who have the wrong impression and negative image about cosmetic surgery. And so, I would like to take part in reversing these impressions.
Since we are in a generation where obtaining information has become easy because of the internet, one of my most important duty as a doctor is to properly get our message across to all our patients who will experience our services first-hand. With a global perspective, I would like to further strengthen our ability to convey our message.

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Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery Clinic
Japan is a developed country in terms of cosmetic medicine; however, other countries have remarkably improved in the recent year, making them almost at par with our technological strength. I think one of the reasons for this is the difference in the legal system of each country.
In Japan, a pharmaceutical approval is necessary when using new medical equipment and medicines. The same goes with the US, South Korea, and other countries, but Japan has stricter criteria when evaluating, so it usually takes a lot of time to apply and to get approved. As a result, we have to wait a little longer before a new medical equipment or medicine gets into the market, which is one of the factors that causes delay in our medical progress at the moment.

Also, aesthetics-related tourism has increased in Korea and other countries where cosmetic care is considered an industry, so it has become common for most Japanese to have their cosmetic surgeries abroad. Through the internet, not only it has become easy for overseas clinics to attract Japanese, but the perspective of the patients has become more and more global.
But in Japan, regulations in the cosmetic medicine has become more and more stringent, and includes restrictions in posting before and after photos on the clinics' websites. The gap keeps on widening because the notion of Japanese patients receiving cosmetic care in Japan is not yet common at present. Because of that, there are a lot of cases where patients become involved in major issues abroad.

In fact, although I have performed a handful of corrective surgeries for cosmetics, people receiving corrective surgery from abroad increased dramatically from 10 to 20 times in the recent years. The stream of patients going abroad lead to aesthetic-related issues, revealing more serious problems.

On the other hand, Japan is without a doubt an advanced country in terms of providing safe and secure medical care, regardless of delays in Japanese medical system and some other barriers. The country has been known for it for a long time, and so some affluent people from abroad come all the way to Japan to receive treatment from my clinic.
That is why it is important for doctors to help eliminate prejudice against cosmetic medicine by providing correct information to their patients, and to further deliver the message about the significance of cosmetic surgery.

Asian countries will enter into a period of opulence in the future, and I also feel overwhelming energy from these countries. In order to not miss such active trends overseas, Japanese doctors should not only focus in Japan but to also have a mindset of incorporating the good points of what they have learned to their practice while having a global perspective.
Over the past few years, I have participated in many conferences abroad, and I proactively share what I have learned through conducting lecture events and seminars. I felt that there are only a few Japanese doctors participating in these conferences. Despite Japan having excellent medical technology on a worldwide perspective, this treasure will just go to waste if we could not showcase it. I believe that we should make more use of our unique sensitivity and potential as Japanese.

I have a strong sense of nationalism, so I want the world to know more about cosmetic care that is uniquely made in Japan, and to challenge myself to things that other people will not and cannot do. While building a more cooperative system among the young doctors, I would like to not only protect the Japanese market, but to also work in the cosmetic care industry with an intention of tapping the overseas market.
I am not a pioneer of cosmetic medicine in Japan. There are doctors who have been in the industry longer than I do, and I hold them in high regard. I would like to share information with these doctors, and to be able to succeed with the same intent and technological skills while constantly working hard.
I hope to commit myself to activities that can uplift the cosmetic industry as a whole. And, I also hope to become chosen from overseas as a Japanese doctor.

takaaki muro
takaaki muro

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Takaaki Muro