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Yoichiro Miura

Yoichiro Miura
Now is the time to expand. “Being a dentist is a worthwhile and fun job.”

Dental treatment not only examines the inside of the mouth but also the entire body. I think this job starts from facing the habits, hobbies, and personalities of each patient. Order-made treatment supports the health of the patient throughout their life. Beyond the barriers of the field, we continue to make efforts to become a "super generalist" with diagnostic skills and treatment technology at a medical specialist level.

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Yo Dental Office Hiroo
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It has been 10 years since we opened our doors in Hiroo, Tokyo. May it be locals or foreigners, differences in eating habits, varying according to country or region, are often exhibited in the symptoms. However, there are things that one should carefully examine more than the difference in the country. That is the lifestyle and habits of each person.
A dentist specializes in a part called oromandibular region, which is located from below the eyes to the neck. However, this is not a separate organ as it is connected and largely related to other regions. That is why we have to see the bigger picture.

For example, a patient is complaining about pain in their molars. Should I try drilling it? That is something I would never do. I would listen to the patient’s story and observe their whole body.
If it turns out that the patient had been travelling on an airplane for a long period or that their work involves facing computers, then I would suspect that the pain is caused by their posture. Maintaining the same posture over long periods will cause the jaw joint to slip and cause poor blood flow, which will result in toothache.

I believe that genuine medical treatment is being able to sum up by facing and talking to patients and understanding their different lifestyle patterns, habits and interests.
A medical treatment tailored according to their condition is what is called an “order-made treatment”. I strongly believe that this method can support a patient’s healthy lifestyle all throughout their life.

In the west, there are facilities which treat cavities and there are others who attach dental caps. In other words, specializations are established within one field. However, the concept of having one doctor, whom the patient is familiar with, provide all medical treatments is firmly rooted in Japan. Hence, specializations in dentistry are not established here.
It is extremely difficult for a doctor to cover all fields and maintain the level of all medical treatment at the same or a higher level than that of a specialist. While this is a difficult task, we are studying every day on how to maintain this.

In an album entitled "My Future Dream", there is a picture of me wearing a dentist's white robe when I was in kindergarten. My great-grandfather was a clergyman, my grandfather was a doctor, and there were other who were also dentists. As someone who was raised in a family where my father was also dentist, it may have been quite natural for me to assume a work that supports the lifestyle patients.

Nevertheless, when you ask young people about what job they want to have in the future, being a dentist wouldn’t even be in the top 200. In America, it has been the consistent top 1 for 10 years, but the results were disappointing.
A dentist is able to make people around the world happy and to be happy with themselves. I am hoping to do as much as possible so that more dentists will take pride in this profession and work with aspirations.

Up until now, I have had a lot of encounters and wonderful experiences. The well-regarded Dr. Yoshitsugu Marumo, whom I met in a study group, taught me the importance of examining a person before conducting diagnostic examinations in the oral cavity -- a practice which is considered common in the dental field.
At present, I am also supervising and participating in several study groups, where I continue to study while exchanging ideas and information with my colleagues. At times, I also assist academic societies in Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan, and I am also part of a convention which selects and confers awards to outstanding doctors from study groups within Japan. Our study group has also sent out young doctors to symposiums and academic conferences in Asia and in Western countries. This is the best opportunity for them to expand their fields.

Of course, my studies will continue for the rest of my life. Each time I have wonderful encounters or learnings, I am inspired to continue to provide the same high-level of medical treatment. I also want to grow not only as a medical practitioner but also as a person.
Studying costs time and money. However, I think that medical practitioners should strive to provide treatment and technology in all fields at a specialist level and make efforts to sincerely face patients.
Believing in this, I want to convey that "dentistry can be an unexpectedly interesting and fun job" while showing young dentists and students my perseverance to improve.

Yoichiro Miura
Yoichiro Miura

*Information accurate as of time of publication.

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Yoichiro Miura